Papa G Returns

papa G, where’ve you been baby?
stroking your talons and remembering how you bruised me so long ago
i have my own house now
i have my own friends now
i have had men come and go

but you don’t go do you?
you have the taste of my blood
settling in your gums
you have marinated me for too long
between your teeth

i am sticky
papa G, how’s life?
did you ever find a wife?
did you ever tell anyone you still love me?
or is your heart still in cryo?

can i resurrect you from the freeze
and pretend to love you
so its easier to move on from the warmth
of these other men that have stabbed me
in my throat

i can’t squeeze a scream nor a tear
from the drains of my eyes
or the pipes of my tongue
papa G, do we have a chance at regretting
our losses together

because for me it rains
and for you you’re caught in the eyes
of so many storms
i wonder what you’ve been doing
but you won’t ever tell me

i see you appear in my dreams
telling me to live in your arms again
but not when i want to belong to somebody else
i wake up and i see the figure
then it disappears

you have been here.
you have returned papa G.
you have smelled my hair and my skin when i have slept.
i have caught you in my mirror.
i have felt the familiar bruises on my ribs again.

what do you want?