Lessons Learned #4

For a friend.

and i was there,
because they too, the lovers
thread all the hearts they have broken
around their necks

fat and bursting with the words never meant
the mixed messages
the unreturned calls
and the sleepless nights you popped went unnoticed.

i will make this simple and quick
break your own heart
cease to exist, become a colour they can’t touch
empty their rainbows



Lessons Learned #5

behind every man’s success

is a woman

who he grew inside
who brought him up
who taught him true love
who educated him
who nurtured him
who married him, faults and all
who grew his children for him
who stood up to him
who pushed him harder
who challenged him
who was his teammate
who was everything
who is everything

–  and he owes her everything

Lessons Learned #20

you were the wave that threw him across the world
strange and terrifying.

one day he’d had enough of you.

enough of your risks
enough of your bruises
enough of your breaking

you were a horrific fate.

look at him now,

still searching for you in every girl he meets.

– of course you changed him forever

Lessons Learned #15

maybe someday he will turn to you after an argument
and call you a “guest”
after several years of loving each other

tell me
is he just home for the holidays when he is a few inches deep inside you?
does he pay rent to live in your heart too?

– the boy who was never really worth it 


Lessons Learned #11

there are some young and beautiful girls
who define beauty
on the basis of how able they are
to distract a man
from his wife
from his fiancée
from his girlfriend

but someday
they will not be able to accomplish this
and someday a young and beautiful girl
may distract
their husbands
their fiancés
their boyfriends

– the true design of ugly