LYMH is a teenage character/alter-ego and a figment of Lydia Hounat’s imagination.

LYMH writes poetry about boys she’s fallen in love with who have broken her heart or men who disappoint her or men who don’t understand her very well.
She also writes about friends and difficult experiences she has, including the difficulties of being a bit weird and a bit different, racial abuse, her strained relationships with members of family and friends, and whenever she goes through a pretty big event she likes to write about it openly and honestly because she thinks it’s gonna help her find a solution.
It’s also ridiculously childish work, it’s how she sees the world at those points in time. Her favourite genre is teenage angst.

LYMH’s a young girl trying to deal with the concept of becoming a responsible adult and woman and setting herself up for life’s challenges. She copes with them through poetry.

LYMH is a fictitious extension. Therefore don’t take what you read seriously. Much of it is based on real-life events but some things are skewed by emotion or metaphor or analogy for purposes of hiding identities of others.

The Personal Problems series is based on real-life events and the names of deceased individuals appear in some instances but all the identities of others have been appropriately protected, where either names have been changed or omitted entirely.

LYMH has a fabulous Twitter where she publicly cries.

Follow her here.

Copyright © 2014 – 2016


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