I hope he fucks her so hard her mum feels it.

excuse the bluntness of your wife’s body.
the moon is rounder than her belly,
holding the bump.
this is so sad but she’s waiting for you.
you disappear, your wedding ring melting into the mattress you share.
and she doesn’t see anything, but my god she feels you go…the clock falls,
You stand naked, waiting on the corner
yum yum yum yum eating someone else.
and you writhe on her.
you writhe on that body,
that dripping container.
and there is a stillness in her room.
you could crack the air in half.
you could drink lead.
oh i bet you could, i bet you could, you bleach your insides as you move in her.
there’s nothing to it, you don’t feel a thing, it’s cheap as chips, this casual business.
but the ocean’s never tasted sweeter in your wife. 
brace yourself for this, she sat opposite me last wednesday,
looked like a bleeding lamb, running her thumb around the edge of a coffee cup.
she said,
“i hope he fucks her so hard her mum feels it.”
the trees sank in her stomach.
the sky stopped beating.
her kid burst.
you writhe on her.
the blood.
the sinks swelling with sick.
the gum you chew,
and chew and chew
and chew and chew
and chew and chew
just to get the taste of (she wasn’t even that great was she)
that thing out of your mouth (it’s fucking disgusting)
so that your wife won’t lick it off your lips.
(aw try harder why don’t you?) (keep going, lol) You do it by yourself.
you fuck her so hard
that your wife,
that mother,
Feels it.

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