dirty commodities

you were on top and he said,
“you’re bleeding quite badly now”.

you had to make sure you were bleeding.
so he’d believe you were a virgin.

you were fresh ceramic
then you were cracked plates, dirty commodities.

it’s a pain you can write out,
you scratch and it’s under your fingernails.

you were only a young teenager when you slept with him.
and people don’t think that’s abnormal anymore.

you are married 30 years down the line,
you look at him and you know he’s misplaced your lungs on purpose.

tucked your heart down the sofa.
put his wedding ring in the dishwasher.

and you look into his eyes
and all you can see is the reflection of his phone in them.

telling a girl when you’ll be out.

when she can lie on your side of the bed.
when she can invite her lips to sip from your coffee mug.

y’see to a lot of men,
you’re just a thing,

and commodities, more often than not,
go out of style when a new one comes along.


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