bring me love

you’ve got to bring me love
stuff it into your saddlebacks and ride on
because nothing amuses more than princes
on noble steeds
and for every man i’ve ever loved
i’ve been their hero, their knight in shining armour.

saving them from their towers
they’re wearing the dress, fucking damsels in distress
needing girlfriends to save them from being depressed
my love gives way to your gravity
so start being a force of nature, not a screaming baby boy.

i’d rather have somebody rescue me now.
or better can we just be free
and stumble across one another
like seashells shining in the ground?
you’ve got to bring me love.

i’m stepping up, because i know what i really deserve
there’s no more of me lying on the bathroom floor
no more heart standing still
we’re stray dogs
and we’re bringing each other love.


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