I know for a fact
That at some point,
A familiar breeze will have rolled in
Through the gap in your window
And you will have smelled me entering your room.

I stand at the foot of your bed
Waiting for you to scream
For you to say that you’re really sorry
That you mean you want us really,
To be friends,
But the summer months are coming

And all I feel is the muskiness of your lies.
They are deathwatch beetles in my pockets.
I fish them out into handfuls
I pour them about.
You get scared.

I say let them crawl across your face
And you hope that it’s punishment alone
But I am just killing off any love I’ve had for you
This you,
Lying in bed,
Satisfied you’ve done by what you think is right.

Tonight I walked into my bedroom
And had a flashback of the time we fucked on my bed
Thoughtlessly, irrationally, in anger, in sadness
Because you were going one way
And I was going the other.

I don’t know how to handle separation.
Or how paths split into two like hair.
I have broken you off like an end
With that thought alone,
The beetles vanish from between your eyelashes

They dissipate with a final kiss,
And the rest crawl back into my pockets
Nothing but an alarm clock tells you it’s time.
Time for me to give up on your carcass.
I had already eaten and suppered on what’s best of you,

And now there is nothing left. No good of you. Too bad I didn’t share.

And with that thought alone, I came as I went, again,

On an April-Breeze,

And you were alone.


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