N.B. 19 and in the in-between 19 stuff of dreams 19 and feeling pain 19 and feeling good 19 and free

i beam with delight when the sun hits my eyes
its different
chewing on the moon
19 with new skin
19 with the ocean to make a home of

i run
i feel the weight of my breasts
i feel my hair singe with the sun
i feel him all gone
i feel him drained from my blood

i beam at the trees
i let cats crawl all over me
i have daffodils in my room
i have water to drink
i watch the sky turn a shade dark

i pay the bills
i watch a leaf ripen
i kiss the clouds
hell, i ride them
i watch your lips move

i kiss them
i kiss them again
i play piano on my computer
i play computer on my desk
i peel oranges like i peel my name onto books

i spoon stars
i smile
teeth sweet
i float on the edge of the world
i kiss you hello

i wave them goodbye.


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