Support Network

N.B.Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 17.58.02.png


your lips are dry and you have sleep in your eyes
your head is empty
your dreams are looking kinda like pancake batter
you’d think you’d be able to make something with them

sometimes you need a support network
so you crawl up the rungs of people you love
but there’s no designated space for you
and it’s almost as though they’ve poisoned the sky

so it rains on you almost forever
when they need somebody you rush at them like the tide
you kiss their toes with cool water
you keep them collected you don’t want to see them alone

but you’re still in need of a support network
so you skulk like a dying star
across the night trying to find a home
for the insecurities you floss your teeth with

you brush your gums with salt
you clap at yourself
you’re your own audience
you thought you heard somebody else clapping too

that he’d be there
that maybe he’d show
you sweat with paranoia
yeah he was there for a while

and then he wasn’t.



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