What He Says To Me When I’m Raining Inside

“I just wish you’d have some good news for once”
I used to fuse with you, chemical energy
I drip tears from the seams of my eyes
My stitches are coming undone
And you
Fed up with trying to find the needle to sew me
Lose the thread and stitch badly

Say I drank beer every other night like you
And planned my days around what my mates were thinking of doing
Say I ate too many microwave meals
And stuck my fingers in you like play dough
You’d have to look hard to find the good news
That swims around your half-dead body
Such is the rain that drizzles down my throat

And bleeds from my fingers
I am hanging over you
Like your own personal rain cloud
But you mistake me for being one too many jaeger shots last night.
And you miss your lectures for sleep
What happened to the Gentle Giant in the grey suit too big for him?
What happened to the old kiss he planted on me and meant?

Must’ve got lost with the good memories
“Because it’s like every day, y’know? There’s only so much I can take”
And when I talk to myself at night and beg the Sun to stay on the other side of the world
There’s only so much I can take of the burning pain inside my chest
Telling me that you just want me to be happy
When I hold the weight of the oceans on my shoulders
When you’re gone again to cling on hard to another wall

Sometimes I am just another wall to you
And my chest pales with your disappearance
I have tried to find something old but you are something new
And I’m borrowing my smiles from somebody else
When I’m the only one feeling blue
And I can taste the whole of it
The crunch of the lie when you say “I wanna marry you”

So say I drank the same beer like you
So say I danced like an idiot in the same tiny bar like you
So say I pretended this same way of life was cool
So say I lost myself to the same music and the same drink
And the same old people
And asked you for different but happy news

Yeah, I didn’t think you had any either too.


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