Soulmate #2

should your mother ever lose her grip on you
and i hope she should

let her know how many things she ruined for you
because being your first beau should’ve been a wonderful thing

and whilst you did score so high on that BMAT
and whilst your mother did get kicks out of pressing her ear up against your bedroom door

whenever we were getting off
it never sufficed did it

“soulmate #2”?
should you ever realise that brains aren’t everything

and nobody likes a cold fish
then you’ll obviously realise too that making your sister your competitor subconsciously

isn’t too healthy for a sibling partnership
i wonder how many times your mother had to call my dad a terrorist

before you decided the best thing to do was dump me
in order to save your own skin before she carpeted our relationship with enough bombs

to burn the earth of us down
so should your family ever know or understand

that sometimes your A* doesn’t trump my violent grudge that i still have on you
or how mad it still makes me feel to know you think you were right

then they’ll also know what a silly mistake you made
listening to your mother again and pursuing a career which deep down doesn’t suit you as a human

but together we’ll keep it our little secret
because for a while i knew you better than mummy ever did

and it tore her at the seams to see her son stray so far away
so she threw you a bone and you picked it up and left

your mother plants her own seeds in your brain
(the roots of your genius, maybe)

so that you will never know how dumb it is
to rid yourself of many opportunities to fall in love

not just with me
but with anybody or anything

i was not in a relationship with you
i was in a relationship with your mother

and the timetable
and your exquisite superior intelligence, maybe

and for that reason, “soulmate #2”
i was glad to have lost all my faith in somebody supposedly as “clever” as you.


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