Soulmate #1

it is almost 5 am
i have to be somewhere in a few hours
and not a day goes by where i don’t think of you

or the first time you spunked in my hand
and called it ‘love’
not a day goes by where i don’t remember your face

but i think i have been conditioned to remember you everyday
“soulmate #1”,
because you said if i didn’t i would die

it is almost 5 am and again i have thrown myself against the page
owing language to you
dedicating the minutes of the early morning to you

you are the reason my body clock broke its spine
and started sniffing coke on the bathroom sink
and here i am awake again

and there you are puffing on the shisha pipe again
your mum said i was bad for you
you brushed it off because you had evil about you that curdled the devil’s blood

and it was so intoxicating
that you were destined to be
“soulmate #1″

because you took a little girl and forced her to stare at the sun
so she became blind and grew up all too young
because you were desperate for her to be a woman

so woman she did
and so you used her you did
in all the best and worst ways

i have that to stain my hands of you
never mind your semen on my belly
so-called “soulmate #1”.


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