I was all there.
Not in the bed,
Not sprawled out as I was,
I was the kid that got dominated by meat and bones and hair ties and sweat.
When the pull of the groin came and left me,
I soaked the sheets.

I was all there.
As clear as rain.
That it was so right to be so full and to be tugging at the new world by it’s stitches,
I split at my seams between my legs.
I was all there,
Heaving oxygen into my lungs and swimming to the surface,
Harder than a diamond,
He rocked my world.

That morning dew,
Sweat in my eyes and studded on my lips,
Covered in you,
Dripping in you,
Basted and reduced and reeling,
Darker than chocolate,
The slaps of our kisses melt us down to stone,
I was the kid belting out the orgasm from the drum
And he was the tapping of the mattress,
Bed red raw,
Hot hands staining my skin in the shower,
Don’t you know what it’s worth to be tied down,
Tied down to one body and tied to the bedpost like Korea kidnapped me.
Night’s going south,

We’re on it again.
I was all there.
I dissolved into the mattress when he was finished.
That is the definition of meat.


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