I’m Sorry I Didn’t Talk To You Over The Rugby

when you make a mistake,
like say, you abandon somebody you love,
the soil curdles and the moon throws a duvet over itself,
because nature feels what you feel,
and guilt’s something we all run away from

I don’t know what mistake I made last night
but I think the excessive amount of cider contributed to the state I feel
that I catch an afternoon train into my favourite city
now dead of all the people I once knew,
now dead of all the people who have lived in other places

beyond this island,
beyond the world,
in some weak attempt to find themselves over a bottle of liquor
and a thumping beat,
its not that I want to disparage you,

I just think there’s more to this learning than being drunk like me,
I just think we could’ve done something more than watch the rugby
so I went around tables and chairs and I tossed myself into the rabbit-hole
I lost control, talked to people
and we think we’re the dog’s bollocks

but tell yourself that the sunshine is wet and the sea’s of sand
and you’ll no longer know yourself,
I no longer knew myself when I put a bomb on my head
and did the count down for myself, I wanted to destroy all of it
and you,

just you,
ever patient, put a paintbrush in your hand
and turned the soil down to cream and made night time the stuff of dreams
I’ve become honey,
and I’m sticking to you,

And I love you, entire,
you have to know that every part of me bubbles with you,
and that I’m forever,
my insides, my bones,
formed of your smiles.

your greatest miseries my own,
blacken this world
and I turn it into pitch,
And I love you, entire,
even if you can’t hold me to the sun.


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