When I Was Single

and that was how it was,
sometimes you take me like a can of coke
and shake me awake
and I am bubbling with all my love for you

when i was single
i used to toss words to the wind
and my smiles spread like the wings of a butterfly
those vowels take me by the throat

I’ve never been in so much pain before,
but its good, almost sadomasochistic,
who runs the lengths of my heartbeats harder than you?
no one,

and my arteries are the coastline.

the sea foam i spit
i am sick,
sometimes i forget that you gave me the water
and i gave everything to your hands

when I was single
you couldn’t hold me to the ground
can you contain an explosion of existence,
never, but the stars are carried in my blood,

and because of you,
I wish on them.
sometimes I believe in singletons,
and independence, and will-you-marry-me

get down on one knee and look at the moon in the eye
do not lie,
and thread emeralds into my hair,
and tell me that its meant to be forever.

when I was single,
I tossed the world like a coin
and I had to learn the sand dunes alone
and the language of waves

but it rolls off your tongue
and that’s the bones of the coral
and the lips of the coves
i find it in you.

either way
it is eternal
it is the rush of the breeze
caught in my throat

it is those very bubbles rising
popping on my ribs,
lifting me to your voice
and taking me to paradise.


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