Sleep On It

Who loves you now,
Big fella, with the muscles and the tight t-shirt
And the piles of women at his feet,
30-odd year old fucking young skirt.
Sleep baby boy.
Sleep on it.

My middle-class white honey
Tells me that when he spits it comes out as rich as cream,
And I fall a little harder for him at the edge of the horizon,
My hair wiry from the breeze’s whip,
And the ocean’s salty kiss.
Sleep on it.

Who’s falling in love with you now,
You could get away with an 18 year old,
I wouldn’t tell anybody.
I crack my knuckles like seaweed underneath my feet.
Souled out.
Sleep baby boy,
Chasing my pubescent skirt.

If I could coat you in strobe lights and heartbeats
And lacquer orgasms all over your tongue,
You’d feel the hard throbbing of my soulful words
Tell you you have no place here,
This story isn’t for a boy who I hooked up with at high school,
This is for somebody I hardly know.

You, Sir Depression,
It is nearly 2 am and I feel your restricted baggage
Being pulled over the kitchen floor,
And it is bloody,
You dragging my lifeless 18 year old skirt in there?
I hated everybody at school.
Big fella,

Sleep on it.
Who’s falling in love with you now,
Mr Vulnerability,
As sharp as my fingers,
I’ll ruin your ribs with love bites,
Rummage around in my stomach for the bitch in me,
Sleep on it.
Don’t think on it.

I want 30-odd year old deep in belief that I’m his victory,
Who’s to fuck a girl like her in a pub toilet?
I know you did.
I take my middle class honey and stretch him out in the dark,
Two men,
Carved into the sand.

I burn my honey in the stars,
I burn my 30-odd year old in the Moon’s womb,
And I’m jealous that I’m not this pretty.
Sleep on it, Mr Women Falling At His Feet,
I pull your pants away from your shaft
And you know what I want from my tongue clicking like a coin.

Ding ding ding.
Who’s falling in love with you now burly monster
Staining your teeth in Daddy’s cum,
I take my dirty sex and clean boyfriend
And wipe our feelings with a soil-stained dishcloth.
But there’s the occasional 30 year old in his eyes,
Fucking pubescent skirt,
And we sleep on it, we sleep together.


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