Only So Much Uglier

The world turns like a lemon
And all I want to do is sugar it and make it into a spritzer
Or something that would make the bitterness burn away,
Something that would make it turn much more slowly,
And taste good all the while,

I want the time to stretch forever,
I want the way those fingers intertwine on the vines to stick,
There’s sugar to us, there’s bitter tears,
Children laughing, the sunrise on chairs and dollies,
I’m 5 years old in his arms and yet I’m 100 years old when we walk on the sand,

You feel it, the way it changes you,
The way somebody takes a chunk of you as though you were play dough
And he plays.
Lemons and play-dough, isn’t that childhood enough,
I’m going to marry him like I were Barbie and he were Ken,

Only so much uglier.


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