You felt your way around my little corpse,
Pale and shrinking, deader than a broken equation,
A pressure kissing me made a Sun break the clouds.
Along pretty veins an ice thawed,
And holes filled in with the soil of your smile,
A breath hummed like a bird,
And blood ran like a fish.
You squeeze that painful heart,
Scarlet like God, and I’m bleeding your face like paint,
I pursued a Surgeon who broke than fixed,
I pursued a Drug who raped than pleasured,
I pursue a Prophet who looks into my eyes and turns me to water.
Can you imagine liquid concentrated in my love for your darling limbs, lashes, and ligaments,
Let me rain on you.
Let me rain on you.
Let me rain on you.
Let me drift on your sea bed mattress,
Carry me away by a hug of your rosy frowns and tulip kisses,
Lunge me into the dip and curve of your tongue and I’ll jump off the diving board into your lungs like air,
Deny me a piece of your soul like bait,
I will stain your throat in my love for you,
I will make you cough love letters and sneeze flowers.
A virus to be enjoying.
Darling it’s catching.
My corpse aglow.


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