do you remember the time I held my face in the sunset’s water?
I looked pretty.
do you remember how your tears fell
and from then on we were unstoppable,

there were kisses knotted in my hair,
your aftershave and stubble stained across my jaw
as though you’d crushed raspberries all over my neck
do you remember the time we were in the car

and we’d had an argument till 2 am?
and when I’d walked the surface of St Annes Square and chinese lanterns
bruised the new year
and I had no idea I was leaving home?

sometimes love’s unstoppable,
sometimes trust’s the cap on the bottle,
and I’d held that liquor and her bra unfolded and you were in awe
well this is where I come from

and Manchester’s my bricks and mortar,
but whatever,
sometimes we’re unstoppable,
sometimes you’re drunk and I’m in tears

sometimes I’m kissed by strangers and your belly’s brimming with fear
but just flick back to the drives and the horses we stroked
and the lunch time one off trips to McDonalds
and how you gathered me in your arms like I were a lamb

and held me,
happiness like that is worthy enough of dying
and I remind myself from time to time
that this version of you

is the student that wants to be grown, with beers in his hand
and welsh women of the land
but do you remember the night it burst
and I was torn between being a mother and being the baby?

sometimes maybe I should’ve lived elsewhere
where I come from the traffic’s unstoppable,
where I come from loneliness is walking alone in a sea of humans
and I have to think

you put that ocean between us
and I’m sea sick
I put the liquor to my lips now and go to bed with women
I brush my hair through of the knotted kisses

do you remember when I held the knife to your neck
and told you to pick
and Falmouth just wasn’t it?
and I held the moon between my teeth

and said kiss me now, bitch.
do you remember when I said that Peru’s going to set me up for hurt
and those two weeks spent
were the longest 3 am hours of my life

I’m green now,
so green,
70s gaudy, the green in oil lamps
of your new life

and its a memory of palm trees scattering the beach
that I was somewhere other than here,
dear am I momentary to you?
let this be forever,

do not mock me for loving others
i have unstitched my walls for you
I have bled worms and poison and secured you
but when rubies and emeralds collide

the anger and the jealousy
I am unstoppable
and sometimes the chest pain and the stomach ache
is so cruel

that it feels kinder to bludgeon oneself
like a pie,
like a bird,
to bludgeon myself as though I were a little girl killing Barbie again

do you remember when you held me in the water
when we stood in the Atlantic on that quiet beach in Maenporth
and the coastal walk was worth every second
just to feel our wet skin stick together in a hug

smothered by beach towels and sand grains
do you remember the way we first kissed in the car on that private land in a field
do you remember how I make you feel
or how I touch you

i believe we’re unstoppable
i believe we’re the pictures in the photo booth in the arcade
and bumper cars and drinks in the woodside
i believe we are november fireworks and mud and in love,

cupped in the warmth of each other’s arms
i believe that we are rain and Paddington Bear on the sofa
and candy, and blankets, sofa forts that we can’t make very well
i believe in showers shared, and legs locked together in bed

do love me forever,
do not be that student
do not forget me, forever friend,
swing with me in the sunset to our final breaths

there are nights I have watched you sleep and held your torso to mine
and believed in fairy tales
those nights now, replaced by Skype conversations
I believe that writing Unstoppable makes us Unstoppable

and that if it uppercuts and bruises me
as my legs are
that I believe in the Sun on my face in twilight
and I believe in your eyes on cloudy days

sitting in that graveyard outside school on the grass
staring into each other’s souls
honey I love you,
more than the world will ever come to know.


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