i know you’re gonna fall out of love with me, so I just

go cold
you know when pluto became a discontinued product of our solar system
well that’s who I became
when you started to grow up

i know you’re not gonna want me one day, so I
have to lock my car from the inside
and the keys are in here with me
i’m not coming out of here

you’ll meet a cuter chick and there will be a new poetry collection
there will be slit wrists
and there will be shower rails wet from my blood
but don’t worry yourself…

“i’m scared of what people can do to me”
that’s because of what they already did,
and its no use feeling sorry for yourself
or talking about it

because its never going to make the skeletons crumble
in your wardrobe
someday you’re going to fall out

and it will be, it will be
and someday you’ll say you’re in love with what you had,
not what you have,
the glimpses of late night weddings

where we’re the only ones invited
and the moon’s our vicar
someday you’ll take the stars
you’ll take the sun

And this woman’s body will live on the empty land
and in some crater you’ll take a peek
and see the withered bag of limbs she’s become

i know you’re not gonna want me one day, so I
must be the shield, not raise it
i must lose myself like keys

like beads of sweat, lose myself as water does
so maybe there won’t be slit wrists
or wet bloody shower rails

there won’t be massacres
i won’t have my heart and head blended into a heartache smoothie
but know the loss

has to be this
a child beating it’s mother
the cliffs breaking down in my ribs

my mouth filled with toad poison
injected with every bruise god has ever felt
injected with every wound satan has licked

when it gets to that point
i’ll know, and i’ll have been wound up into a knot
and i will be pluto

i know i’m not forever to you
and if you ask me about my life or what its been for
even when you’re gone

i’ll say it was all for you.


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