To Write About Love

(NB. Not dedicated to anybody).

I can feel you near me.
The breathing is a familiar sound.
Your heat as warm as a dog’s.
You sleep and you’re as innocent as a pearl.

I know your nose,
You’re angled like a misshapen cookie,
And its very sweet.
I can feel the raindrops running down my teeth,

I need to write about love
And my need for loving you
Is as large as when I open my arms wide to the sea.
You’re the seashell I kept.

Your lips blush like strawberries
And I know you’re kissing me.
It is early morning
And I am a child on Christmas Eve

Waiting for a gift to wake up,
His eyes wide and dazed like a bunny,
And dazzled by sunlight,
I take one look

And the whole of me melts into water,
I am flushed into liquid,
My heart’s bulging like a fish-eye
And I can feel you curl my heart strings with tongs.

I can feel you breathe the tide, in and out.

And we are safe.


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