We Were Criminals

I’m ready to confront it.
That somebody lit a match between our lips
And you held my face in your hands
We stared at it,
Blew it down. Like a wish.

I heard you dice the coke with my debit cards,
I saw you counting the dinars at the table,
I heard you yelling that there’s not enough for another meal,
I went back to England to waste another £60 on a phone call

You wouldn’t give a fuck about.

But before then we had our hearts crowing,
Like our families had us farmed in cages,
And this is the result. We can’t stand on our own two feet.
Somebody lit a match between our lips

And the flame was as good as a kiss.
We were criminals. And we stole each other.
Bludgeoned our own heads.
Threw the gasoline on our torsos.

Who put the fire on our bodies, though, cutie?

We were killing them.
They couldn’t handle the wildfire. It made em’ green with jealousy.
Children dead in our arms, and a look of Scarface in you.
What’s happened to your face?

We never shared Christmas,
You were too damaged to love it,
And nobody could handle our fifth degree love,
Oh we burned down everything when we ended,

They say we disappeared quicker than sleep.

But when it came down to it,
Peace restored,
And we bypassed our sentence,
Sharing the cell together,

We paced each other’s arteries like the slab floor,
Jangled the keys between our teeth,
V-Day would come, the hospital’s saved everyone,
Carefree like kids with red paint,

And we went home.

And it boiled down to me cooking dinner. Wiping a table clean.
Became a Good Wife, held your hand,
Promised you babies or somethin’ like that,
And I put my machetes and even my favourite 44. Magnum away for another day.

Until. Christmas comes again.
And I’m about to make a dish of potatoes.
And you don’t give a shit about me but the gift.
Like I could ever change this pair of tits.

So its a blonde you prefer,
Well this dinner ain’t fit to serve,
And I’m not going to rehab after this one,
Hand me the car keys.

I want to stick my semi-automatic into your nose
And shoot to the point you bleed kerosene,
Trip down Memory Lane, we were criminals remember,
I lit that match between our faces.

So we never had anything shared,
I roasted my heart and you didn’t care,
I’m loading the pistol, I’m about to blow,
Where’s the money? Where’s the extra stock?

Glock G22, Raptor II, gimme my fucking Colt
I’m so mad I’m about to choke
On my own bullets here, thinking I was all dear,
And I’m about as meaningful to you as that cumstain on my patchwork pillow.

I said Christmas meant fuck all to you,
You were too burned, with another fucking religion,
I don’t fucking like Christ but I want a tree in my house,
And I’m only throwing money away at Armani for you,

You said it was forever, like Satan in my head repeats it,
And I know since I picked the apple you’d love me,
But you were the snake,
And I’ve been cheating on Adam with you.

It’s all you ever do.
You vowed we were each other’s spots,
Like lady birds,
And I know when you lie, you laugh hard,

We were criminals,
And the flame’s dropping to the soaked gasoline tiles,
“I love you” and a drop of a kiss,

I know you,
I bought you that shirt,

And she wore it too.


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