For a time I was jumping the waves on my own,
Bowled and bashed over,
The seaweed sponging me like a ground of green mashed potato.
The days go so fast now
You’d think God were stood at the edge of the world,
Catapulting the Sun over the sky
Like a beach ball,
Or a dish of cheddar.
It melts onto the toast of that baking horizon.
It melts into your eyes.
Another shade of grey.
Another shade of blue.
Your eyes are not one colour, they’re a pair of liars, like mine.
Twins painting their bedroom sockets daily.
You’re as changeable as the North.
The nights go so quickly now
You’d think God were giving the night sky paper cuts for scars where tiny stars would shine and bleed through,
Until he gashed himself and out poured daylight, a scarlet, sticky mess.
There are no bandages for such accidents.
That is why I long to read you for hours,
To make every second count,
As though every word of you could be tasted like a spoonful of chocolate cream.
In those eyes of yours,
The water is so clear I can stare down to the very bottom of your soul,
In it’s lonely cove,
Hidden, pretty,
You wear your pupils like black pearls.

And since time sprints like so,
In the snap of a bear trap, it goes,
I will gladly spend every diamond of it,


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