A Letter to My Daughter

oh dearest lily-eyes,

can I lick your womb
and peel it with my tongue
and whisper curses and calls
so dark that even your mother
would turn her face from the sky
and into the soil
where she is as quiet as a skeleton
and her breath as silent as gold

can I burn you with words
those freckles,
they form a language of stars upon your skin
let me turn it into death
let me shake the constellations out of your eyes
give you the wishes of the devil
let his blood curdle your dreams
and thus, you´ll be all but with his baby.

if I were your father,
I´d be your lover too,
I´d let you suck me like a dog
and I´d be anything but good to you
I´d hit and it would blacken you
like the sun

oh lily-eyes
can I lick your dignity
and paint it a shade of a colour
unimaginably cold,
as unmoving as stillbirth.

yours forever



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