Admit it, you took your first line
And it did things like ruin your complexion.
Honey where’s the satisfaction,
Drench your sorrows with water,
Ask me about the best nights of my life,
Where I lied to mum and kept my legs tucked under the sheets,
And had one night stands with the sunrise,
Your girlfriend’s dead, drowned herself in the bath tub,
You pulled out the plug,
Let history suck itself dry from the bowl’s nipples and down a pipe,
Now it’s down the drain.
It used to look like sifted flour for fairy cakes,
Now we dice it with our credit cards,
Waste away in front of it,
Neither I or you could be proud of it,
Shake your face with sweat and bleed your nightmares till your innards spit,
No more bad trips,
No more bourbon and whiskey,
No more whizz,
No more acid,
Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ll do the hallucinations for you,
You’re crazed like Mark Speight,
What was it, seven you did, or w-what was it, what, 8?
Alert like Moss, scrawny like Winehouse,
Pipe down on the curds when you heard what your bird did with your best mate,
It’s getting late to be thinking about porn stars
Life’s hard, I know,
You played football, they said you were good,
And then you fell in love with it,
Life’s shit, I know,
So take another drag,
You’ve been had, mugged off, sucked off, shoved her head through a wall,
So ‘ject another round,
Your mum was a crack whore,
Gave birth to you on her diseased kitchen floor,
You were addicted as a foetus,
So snort another line.

We don’t get addicted.
“Every now and then”, he said.
Watch your wisdom, when it gets a voice of it’s own and when you’re high and alone,
It’s the only thing stuck in your head.
Plays on repeat, like Simone,
Try for the high it’s wild and when you can taste your bile
You’ll know not to stop,
Crack rock, crack rock,
Admit it, you met some fools who met fools who met fools like you,
You got gold teeth from Daddy,
And you bought 3 bags to go with your wine,
Hors d’oeuvres are overrated anyway.

“I loves it y’know, I gots to take it till I drown,
I loves it more than meth,
I drips it from my teeth.”
As I smash my bong, finished a round on the bog, I’m turned on,
And I heard my dog bark,
“Get a life you druggie bint”,
It’s snout white with words.


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