It took me,
Big brown eyes,
And buried me under it.
I feel the throb of waves,
The swelling of my shoulders,
The growth in my pants,
And it takes me down,
And brushes it’s clean smile against my forehead,
It’s heels are young and fresh,
They glitter,
It walks and we shatter.
It takes the bone, and burns it with fever.
Like hot flames, it licks the stage with flesh, and sex, and pornography,
It is the best thing to come out of this unbalanced, beautiful, shaking,
And it’s body, a pendulum,
Wraps itself like a bow around a pole,
Hisses at the bills in it’s strings,
Grinds the tubes,
Dollars for highlights in it’s hair,
And sperm-drenched oxygen for air.
It is the colour of money.
And the shade of sultry sunsets.
It is the Arctic for feelings.
The South Pole for love.
And I enjoy this plastic little toy,
It couldn’t be human, could it?


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