I’m Tired

I’m tired
And work is to be sniffed at
My ribs are of wax
And my face chiselled glue
Melt me under your pressure
Blow your words like blisters
And I’ll die

A comb of teeth line my poorly gums
I’ve chewed endlessly on the same strip of meat
I’ve diced my Jesus and Jehovah with prayers
I’m tired,
Washed and wrung out,
I am hungry like the wolf.

I am mouldy like avocado
And I won’t ripen in the heat of your whip.
I walk in mist, you chain and screw my eyes to the paperwork
And I, a mess, distasteful like sour milk,
Curdle and waste away
I’m tired of work
Chipping away at your hate for a candle-drop of kindness.


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