Summer Fruit

I used to breathe deeply in front of you
on an air mattress
I’d do it slowly
So my boobs looked bigger
So I looked hotter
So I could spread my arms up like trees dropping blossoms
And you’d come to me

But you’d raise your eyebrows like two guns and shoot a look
Darker than an apple pip
Harder than a walnut shell
I smelled like cocoa butter and pistachios
And you, Dolce and Gabbana The One and amber
You were for a time, the One, irony is a lovely, lovely, and bad thing

When you kissed my forehead
My heart would slice like a loaf
Into the shape of snail shells
And I’d layer my love on it and hand each piece over to you
Like offerings
This is when you’d pierce me by the lips and say you’d return
But you did not.

And I should be saying this somewhere with a sigh,
Your goatee, your black eyes,
Two blinded suns, squeezing space and stars,
Injecting me,
Still bowl me over like the toss of the wave

You are as lovely as a grape
And you well me up
But these stitches I have in my clothes were made by something else
After you tore my silky heart
And for now I know why
But after time who knows if I should hold you in my hands again like pears, like peaches that we’d slice together with a sharp knife

And eat like chocolate
The summer juice raining down our lips, our necks
No fruit better than from the markets you found
I loved you, I had to,
It was imperative, like air,
And this made me all the more a woman.


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