An Admonition to Realistic People

I taste my dreams
I have admonitions from them to me,
A child, and I’ve wanted to lose myself in them
Wishing that when I shut my eyes
Two dark blueberries squashed together at dark,
That they bleed their blood
And out pops a dream, or a new home,
Or a country, and this is real-life, dreams are reality.

And for a while I live there.
I get lost on trains, I visit angels that pick the flesh from my armpit
I kiss clowns that bite my tongue off, stuff my face with chocolate,
I see a man I love and hide under the bed with him
I go to places wanting my parents to tug my sleeve as I cross roads
And then the sun screams and my eyes,

Two red strawberries plump with blood at day
Scarlet from every liquor shot they crushed overnight
Kiss me into paperwork,
Hug me into buses, schools, bathrooms, canteens.
And I hold myself up by the wires of my hair
Like a pylon,

And drag myself by the day’s march into dusk,
I slingshot myself over the moon,
And lose myself in reality again.


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