face mellow, skin yellow
topped with a cheese-smile
and a greasy curl of his pierced tongue
sends me running a mile

the squat’s layered with ash
look who’s in a hash, she’s smashed
off her rocker and licking God
with prayers to next door neighbour’s dog

I’m hazy, pasty,
somebody tell me did I take 3 or was it 4 rounds of nasty?
I punch a bunch o’ drama queens
for another line of squeeze n skunk

oh B’s drunk and he drinks himself into the sink
chunks of his lungs stuck in the plug
I’m gonna have to toothpick his heart out
till its sour, passes out, then finds his body in a drought

if drugs were addictive
I’d spill my secrets and crush them like pills to bits
of words and the last kiss
my first beau ever gave me

I fooled around then fell in love
and put all of me in his hands till he took
what was left of my sanity
now I’m drowning in the acidity of my vanity

fucked freely he’s overfaced with freebies
and snorts his sniff in a swish
pissing in petri-dishes

and as I’m beat up stuck and done
in something my friends said “would be fun”
I lose myself like a game
betting the chips to raise the stakes

piece of cake
I’ll win the cash and take no less than their hate
and then I remember in a bad trip
that Death came in a kiss

he got caught between my teeth and started to suck
heaving my stomach up
through my throat and out it would come
such pain couldn’t even be cured by mum

as I unlatched him off my tongue
that this was my heart being broken
I tried to heal by cocaine and people as good as


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