My Best Friend

If you could stand on the waterfall and tell my best friend about water
She’d hold a thimble of it and tell you its trust is about good as mud
And its slips out of her hand, she knows all about water.

My best friend chars the sun between eyes
And ferments it to darkness underneath her nails like sunlight is dirt
And she cross-hatches it with her lily-eyed toad lips

And roars a rhythm of lies into your heart
She whistles it into bulletproof glass and melts it away with her words
Her poison as liquid as her promises

And her skin is shed like a chameleon’s kiss, she’ll consume her old costume
She is as clean as a cumstain and sweats like a drum
When struck by the lightning of her own misfortunes

She is stained the colour of money and the smell of babies’-breath
In her mouth her eel-tongue reeks of insults
Whiplashed by her faith, it waterfalls down into her sewage-veins.


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