My Man

If you could stand on the mountaintop and tell my man about the world
He’s already licked all 4 corners of it
He’s held the moon between his two front teeth
And he’s grinded the soil between his fingertips like kisses

“My life would be purposeless without my man”
This kind of dependence is drug-like, and I’ve three-folded my heart
To a bird he can only uncrease my veins and lay me out like palms of dough
If he changes, I mould to his shape, and this is for sure.

I’m married to his eyes, I’m crafted and stripped of his rainforest touch
And when he leaves, my heart breaks into pieces so small
They could be threaded into a chain and laced to his collarbone
Through the eye of a needle and I’d love him longer, and then some.

Take the stresses and the wear and tear of his leather love
I’ve lashed my chest with his hands till I ache with his stains
And should he leave, then I wrap the stars around my little finger
And wait for him like sunrise.


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