It was disarming you that left me feeling weak,
That putting a pair
of wings onto your shoulders
Meant I had to cut off my own feet.
strummed my tongue like a harp,

And left all it’s taste buds sore from the
blood of your words,
I have never hacked so hard into a carcass such as
Couldn’t we have stitched it up with a kiss?
These animals drink water
like it’s God,

Their hearts a Bible,
Three fold with irregular stories of
violence and food and violence,
This sweat drips off my forehead like this

For each time you have cut into my rib it’s enough to call it
They say it’s all I’m meant to feel
I’m as difficult as a tattoo
it can be done,
With enough fangs to suck out the poison.

Therefore feel
your desires enthral you like the night,
Marry yourself to hours beyond
It’s for this you’ve compared me to your flock as lemons go to limes,

As oranges hold apples,
Your basket is filled with the juice of each severed
Each segment is dirtied with your vessels,
Sweet riddle me this:

a lion make himself a friend if he chews his own leg?
Then bloodied himself
You are all gone like a plum pip,
Popped like a bubble,

You’re the
epitome of a dream I wanted to be real
And my mattress is
stained in sleepless tissues
and mud,
Drenched in your evaporation,

But go,
I have felt your
wormy vowels thread my pain together,
It’s a jigsaw of your dark tastes for
sewing your mistakes onto my clothes,
Take your wings free of charge,
I will
Sponge away this mess.


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