Love Poem

Sing like a meat cleaver.
I want a syringe to plunge into my heart,
Take the trust-vein,
Take the love-fat,
Take the aching burn of the artery,
And reduce it to a whisper of a muscle,
Can you hear it chitter?
Pelting it’s blood like rain?
I want a chorus of daggers to feel them drive
Through my ribs, each rib snipping at each fibre,
Can you smell the sinews?
Stab me like the sky.
There’s growing hatred in the tussles of flower petals,
Mistrust in daisies, murder in the moonlight,
They want to cut our eyes so we can’t see.
Twiddling our thumbs like branches on a tree.
I loved a man as if he were my leaves.
Begged him not go,
He looks at the bark-heart,
“This is thy sheath”,
Rolled the laughter under my tongue like Spanish,
Yes, I loved a man like leaves and he groans with his knife and cleaves me bloody into two
Like day and night.

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