She Makes A Move

I notice the pills are shrugging off you lately,
You’re cupping your bruises like soap,
Clean your fur, wipe the dust off your lashes,
Now you bite your lip.

I know the birthmark on your leg,
I know the scores of kisses on your thumbs,
Your face, your toes,
I’ve bitten that lip for you when you wanted me to.

I’ve scoured your sheets like honey running
Down a jam jar, I’ve sniffed your bath-water like cocaine,
Sometimes you’ve got a smile that writhes
Like tentacles but tastes like almonds.

He says “You’ve gone crazy”, gone like the wind,
Run like the wind, “Can I believe in God too?”
All it takes is a prayer and he’ll come to you
Like the crunch of sand dust in your teeth,

Pinch your skin and he’ll blow a rose on you
Like a kiss and cut you out into stars formed from
Stars formed from stars,
I’ll put a good word in for you,

Just let me bite your lip,
I won’t draw blood, I’ll draw you like a child,
And I’ll kiss your skull
Like paint on walls.

Funnily enough you remind me of the same mouth
I used to suffocate with pecking
Such a pretty way to die,
In the ‘O’ you breathe.


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