our kisses are a half-equation, finish it with your –

cock in my mouth
the whole time on this date
my eyes were moving south
and boy oh boy my compass
led me up good on your rocky shores

just don’t be shy when I try to
get trippy with you on the tunnels on
the way home,
just take a pill, suck it up,
and I’ll suck it off

I was already taking your clothes off
by the time you were talking about your shitty childhood
I wanna talk about shitty kinds of love,
yeah, you got Eros, you got agape, you got philia,
I’m into necrophilia and I was doing incest before

I was in my second year
of adulthood, adolescenthood, babe-hood, conceivance,
I’ve licked my mother’s womb with my acidifed buzzy teeth,
milk me all over the wine,
milk over me and beyond the conversation

you’ll check the time
and see the floor looks like a sunrise
and the sky’s opening up like a pair of lady legs to hell
I’m on something,
I swear I’m on something

a kiss be a curse, a twitch on your stache’ and I’ll turn
for women wearing boudoir slippers and nazi BDSM outfits
kiss it, cos our kisses are a half-equation,
so finish it with your


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