“Listen and Maybe You’ll Learn Something”

I remember when I was young
I had to learn to listen a lot, they had pictures of
Cartoon ears everywhere around school
Listen and maybe the message will penetrate
Your dusty brain and it’ll be dripping juice
Like an apple by the end
Drink it from a cast-iron hollow blade
You could learn to stab your education
As if it were a sand grain and the wisdom would come
Out flowing richer than coconut oil and caramel
I read it somewhere about
Elements like rubidium reacting with water
And counting to 28 was a new achievement
Then I started listening to things like organs
And instruments
And smoke hissing from drug addicts
And children who were supposed to be listening
To the empowering munch of politicians high on cocaine
They would strangle me like 3 day dirtied thongs
That concubines would leave at the politicians’ family homes
In Hemel Hempstead,
For their wives to find…
Actually, I hardly knew the power of listening until I really listened
Like when I pressed my ears to sound of the neighbours fucking
Or to a child crying for its balloon in the middle of Disneyland.


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