adam and eve

we grew on the lick of a sunset,
she knew, I knew,
ironic for a pair like us two,
to spit on knowledge from so sweet
a tree,

i jacked all over God the minute I
heard him,
the chocolate vowels resonating his
caramel commands,
I’m dribbling apple juice all over his
little creations,

and Eve looks like a would-be rose settling for a weed,
ran over by a herd of clashing seasons,
I would turn for God any day,
turn to him I would, God is the Greatest
or so they say,

I jacked over the animals he touched,
i didn’t need an apple to know I was gay,
give me a tree and I’ll climb all 7 skies
just to lick whatever part of him I see,
Eve says “fuck me”

and somebody’s stuffing lemons in my fractured
nose and acid in my tri-tone ever-changing eyes,
give me an orange, or a pear,
when I hear God my little heart skips over it’s own arteries,
and my tongue falls out

like sunlight, the colour of cranberries,
I jacked all over God when I smelled apples all over him,
and Eve ate one to imitate his stubble glow
I had a lick and thus be this;
I fucked God in the mouth 10 times over.


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