If we had met in another lifetime,
pears would have been purple
and we would’ve been grinding each other in clubs,

We would’ve been 23,
and all we wanted was pills
to keep away the blues of being jobless,
We’re jobless, but not addicts,
I said we’re not addicts,
but our eyes are tinged orange from the old saltwater
We’ve been storing in our little disco cells
for years and years, rusting away like our hearts
we weren’t meant for one night stands or
Singularities, stop injecting your shitty stare
into my irises every break,
I can’t fuck with god,
And I’m not drowning in your sea just yet,
you’re some satanic insect hell bent
on infesting your backbone into my skull,poison me sweet,
poison in my teeth,
I’ll suck you like summer dries water out of our bedsheets

B to the LT you muscled your way in like the sandwich filling,
B for you, LT for a love triangle,
I’m gonna dissect it like Pythagoras
And fuck it like Alexis Texas on Pornhub
Without the delivery guy being invited in
For triangular-shaped kama sutra.Listen to the state I’m in.
Listen to how I’m growing grapevines in heartbeats
Every time I hear your smile

Or see your chiseled face from across a room,
roses bloom like clouds on night-cliffs
orange teardrops fall, jeez’ i’m a little “rusty” at this

every time i go to catch your butterfly eyes in my net
you fly off like a dart into some other country
even though you’re 5 metres away

5 metres away I say, a jobless addict
hooked on the cocaine of your soul
i’m snorting you excessively like winter snow

writhing in my blood,
you writhe in my blood,
congealing in your voice

blows like smoke
and fucks the air like a devil worshipper
fucks the air like french kisses

only if mother knew
what would she say if she saw me drowning in
a coffin stuffed with pieces of your heart

and cotton candy coated pacman pills
i’m clock watching your eyes,
eating this BLT relationship

like a subway on the train from Victoria,
and i beg to differ,
that you’ll drag me away to hell,

in a devil trap
where i can’t make out
triangle to triangle,

shapes fester eyes
wallpaper licks my sky
all over,
in you
in you
in you

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