Her Spine Broke Mine

I think the way you bent her over
Changed the dynamics.
You see her spine was a metaphor for our relationship.
I had a conversation about men,
They remind me of freesias,
Impermanent, dead within days.
When you said you were mine,
Was that 100% guarantee a teaser rate?
Banks fail, money can be torn.
Are you the $500 cheque I’ve been waiting for?
Or DaVinci’s illustrations?
You kept bending her back, seeing how far she’d go, legs around your waist,
Hair trailing the floor like the train of a wedding dress,
But she wouldn’t break.
I saw you dangling her upper torso over a stair case,
I wanted to bite your erection in half.
I made a small investment,
And her spine stole it.


Come Talk To Me

They swung their feet on the brick walls,
Rush, rush,
Rush, rush,
And chimed together “Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do”,
Come talk to me,
I try,
My brown hair whistled up
In a pony tail,
Come talk to me,
I mouth each syllable to the faces on the wall,
Each pasted with a smile,
Illuminating a childhood,
I’ve got the fix for one without walls,
Or faces.
I swung my little young body on a red pole,
Attached to the school’s structure,
Come talk to me,
I cry,
They seemingly walk past like chatty ghosts,
Tennis rackets and skipping ropes,
Tangled up in the gasps of laughter,
And kisses behind the school bins.
Come talk to me,
A dust mote settles aside my shoulder,
Kisses me behind the red pole.
Come talk to me,
A sea of dalliances and friendships,
I with a notebook and a little blue fountain pen,
Try to peel an orange,
But can’t.
So I will ask a teacher.
Come talk to me,
They settle in a chair marking first lesson’s work,
“Who’s there?”
Come talk to me,
But the pen scribbles,
The ticks flash,
The crosses stumble,
My orange seeps a little juice from the cracks where I’ve been picking,
And picking,
And scratching,
And stabbing,
Come talk to me,
I whisper,
Brown hair in a ponytail,
We can play House,
I’ll be the dog,
Let me play,
Try as I might,
My little teardrops fall to the ground in puddles,
The boys jump in them later on,
Splashing everywhere,
Saltwater on mud.
Come talk to me,
I will jump in with you,
And we’ll play House.