A Reunification

I don’t wanna call it rebirth

But here’s our child laying before us
And it stirs,
And it calls,
And it is the essence of our sensations.
Elation, salutation and then before you know it
You call me over for affection,
The life that grows in the bubble of our kisses
It wasn’t pretty
It wasn’t endearing
It was life.
Sometimes you breathe
And so do I and I feel like
Our hearts are conquered in the war of every rose that blooms from each
syllable we lip through mouth and tongue
Laced in the tapestry that is our idiolect of obsession of each other
Linked by linkage of sunlight which induces freckles in endearment
You smooth my cheek with just your thumb.
It’s apparent in the way you hold yourself
And the way I clutch my legs in a foetal position sometimes that
We’d die in fire before letting anyone remove the soup of our combined souls
We always walked on water together
And showered soil and sun on the fleurs of our summer-child
With each footstep your foot glows on the surface of my soul,
Every feeble and delicate tiptoe on the leaf of my character
Is greener, wider, and nourished
Oh the responsibility of loving this hard has become our child.
In raw winters we will have to nestle in the fire of our minds and we will burn logwood and fuel into the night.
Under the innerings and witherings I pity others
For they do not renounce their love after what in reality is 5 years
And for us, an eternity of ups and downs and cold hatred
With hot love.
It has spared me and so has spattered me,
You and I keep the ships away for our view should be as plain and as empty
As the way we had always bet
An unexpected win for when in love,
We first met.

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