My Angel

Every fold of you spoke like waves,
You were cleansing me in each millimetre
Of the colours of your soul
I understand your depths,
You trail dark thoughts left
Under the crevices of deep, dark sea,
It is liquid to appear in the warm water
Surrounding the page’s turn
Of your hold,
It whispers an affection I can dream And taste like carbonated saltwater,
You are Raphael’s Angel,
You look into a Jesus-heart
With a glow like God,
I cry at my lord’s love for me,
He has shrouded me in your lips,
Curling like the waves’ anger, they kiss,
And consume us all, oblivion we reach
Your patience, you teach,
It’s everlasting ink stains
The corals of my skin,
Forever friend, hailed oceans of love away.

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