this jazz plays on repeat

something couldn’t have let me sleep, I couldn’t eat
I let the bangles around my ankles
my underwear falls to my feet
and I submit.
twice I’ve walked around these roads
I didn’t know there was another path in the same road, in the same park
it’s funny how I can’t stand you running around
you know better than to do that,
other women put me down
and I submit.
the more I look at how my curves fall in deep
the more I feel the weight of my breasts fall without the support wired underneath me
the longer my lashes, the shaper my legs,
the wider my stare
I’m caught in your headlights,
unaware if you’re going to shoot me,
this doe is really your missionary, sub, she deserves it in missionary
and she submits.
clouds douse my eyes, your grey soul, soaked in pearl, smiles like testosterone, frowns like dominance,
afraid and knotting my hair
i feel the urge to give up it’s concentrated in the air
you better stop the things you do,
I’m not lying,
I fall apart
and I submit.

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