Screaming Hard At The Moon

when i cried about you
it wasn’t a few tears and feeling blue
it was collapsing 10 times over
and screaming hard at the moon
like with all things, you said about moderation
but where you over-kissed me

you left small permanent burns
when you took your leave
it’s a funny thing, sentiment
the way it brands your body
and cements the sun and all things sphere
sentiment is nature’s naked being

i write so i may forget you
and release the knives lodged in my lungs
but your words like snakes
wrap around my neck like your tongue
you have left me shaking
at this I always feared

you meant rain-soaked curbs
you meant torn jeans
you meant graveyard soil
you meant conifer trees
you meant abstract sky in 5 colours
you meant wooden chairs
you meant weight of books
you meant door handles
you meant pressure
you meant feathers

the permanent dipole-dipole of my loyalty
is where I stay to you
you meant every sunrise and every sunset I don’t see
you meant eternity to me.



© Lydia Hounat 2014


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