An Adult’s Confession To A Child


granted, I’m not a powerful female
but if I said that you’re a threat to my ground
rather than lash me with your threats
you’d run a mile and crumble.

I eat 50 goblets of bitter dark chocolate every day and pints and pints of dark bitter beer but you,
stir your curls and sweet gaze in a pot of peaches and thick indulgent cream
and you make dreams out of desserts they’re the sweetest things we could hope to lick

but I shower it in bitterness and with their tongues the taste of your dreams pricks
their taste buds and leaves them feeling sick.

to every silk vestment I shrink and line them with underwire
I stitch disbelief in truth and make believers wonder if you’re a liar
My destructive behaviour causes winds to toss and turn and change direction, they flee
and waves separate
I cannot sail at sea.

everyone is frightened of me.

is it the smooth talking confidence, shallowed in a bed of cool reserve
do I bathe you all in a poison of arrogance?
does it do to question whatever it is I am,
does the world feel the lack of wrath in all my plans, that I don’t have?

as I said, I’m not a powerful female
I am very much shackled 20,000 leagues underneath the ocean
and the ocean bed cannot cushion me whilst I reach for surfaces I cannot reach

and you still wait for me on the curled lip of the wave.


© Lydia Hounat 2014


I’ve Been God All Along

the veins of leaves I liken to creases in your lips
to which they pay homage in the water that quenches thirst from the steel trench
The kaleidoscope of diamonds twist as I stitch the stars in your eyes
with oaky amber undertones, you’re saffron sunrise.


© Lydia Hounat 2014

Papa G

you made well with just a cricket
and a jar or two
with your brothers
and you’d pull the cricket’s guitar
pull the strings out of it’s back
and laugh
they pull strings out of you but injure and peril
twice decade you lived here
you escaped your multi-millionaire fate
and came to start again.

Tested, persisted, proud
Your feathers always on show
5 foot 8, covered in frowns
World wearied work for gold.

© Lydia Hounat 2014

I Loves You Porgy

You have hair like the way the sea curls
it’s wave-lip is consuming,
To lap upon the next leg of sand
And these rocks are your muscles,
And they wrap seaweed around your arms
Those hands which you clasp like oyster shells
The epitomised view of great fish
In ratio to the small you seek
To snap is to eat from the mouth of your tributary
To open your arms wide is to meet the sea.


© Lydia Hounat 2014

Screaming Hard At The Moon

when i cried about you
it wasn’t a few tears and feeling blue
it was collapsing 10 times over
and screaming hard at the moon
like with all things, you said about moderation
but where you over-kissed me

you left small permanent burns
when you took your leave
it’s a funny thing, sentiment
the way it brands your body
and cements the sun and all things sphere
sentiment is nature’s naked being

i write so i may forget you
and release the knives lodged in my lungs
but your words like snakes
wrap around my neck like your tongue
you have left me shaking
at this I always feared

you meant rain-soaked curbs
you meant torn jeans
you meant graveyard soil
you meant conifer trees
you meant abstract sky in 5 colours
you meant wooden chairs
you meant weight of books
you meant door handles
you meant pressure
you meant feathers

the permanent dipole-dipole of my loyalty
is where I stay to you
you meant every sunrise and every sunset I don’t see
you meant eternity to me.



© Lydia Hounat 2014